""Helping you to get to the heart of the matter "


This service helps you identify your strengths, align more fully with what you want for your life and work, and take your courageous next step.  Through the School of Conscious Living, she provides a collaborative, safe, and creative space to help unravel your real heart’s desire, value yourself, and take your dreams seriously!

More and more we are noticing that people are wanting to take back control of their lives and make choices that work better for them and their relationships and feel more truly in line with who they are at heart. It can take time and many of us need support and encouragement to find out what our real heart’s desire is and what are our fears and our limiting beliefs. This is a process and mentoring either 1-1 or a group will facilitate this process. Do get in touch if you’d like to hear more


As an experienced and accredited Supervisor, Monica retains some capacity in her schedule to provide supervision for psychotherapists and those in the caring field. She enjoys supporting them to identify their unique style and the strengths they bring to the work alongside the areas for growth. Her style is typically described as supportive, honest and challenging with humour.

Get in touch today for an Introductory Conversation and hear more about the 1-1 Mentoring Sessions and the GROUP PROGRAMS