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Telling The Time By The Tides

Taking the Time to Tell the Time By the Tides!


This week I had a beautiful client describe what her life could be like, if she wasn’t so harsh with herself. Like many of us, she has adopted critical internal voices which frequently tell her that she’s not bright enough, smart enough or qualified enough to do whatever she was thinking about next.

When I suggested that if she were to imagine – just for a minute, that she wasn’t so self critical, what might she be doing? She then very quickly let me know that as a sea swimmer and surfer, she’d be much more in touch with nature, listening to the birds and knowing their names, surfing and telling the time by the tides.

Whilst none of these activities will help her make a living, they certainly will contribute to her leading a richer and more fulfilled life. And she also might be doing work which feels more in alignment with her true self.

I do believe that the tide (excuse the pun!) is turning on the idea of long hours in a dull job where we are not given a chance to bring our authentic selves. Increasingly, employers are realising that the people who work for them need to feel good about themselves and what they do and have a say in decision making. I also see that more and more people are wanting to make their own decisions and be more entrepreneurial about their lives. Many are wanting to be innovative about their choices and take more agency of how they work and play – and of course have less distinction between these!

I invite you to take some time to reflect for yourself on what you might do/or not do – to lead a “richer ” and ultimately more satisfying life.

This could include :
Practice being present in the present moment
Do more of what feels in alignment with your purpose.
Your health really is your wealth – prioritise it!
Look out for what brings you joy -these are all clues to a fuller life.

A rich life, in my view, is a connected life; one that supports our connection with ourselves, others and the planet we live on!

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