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Practical Spirituality. December 2021


Practical Spirituality

As we continue to move towards the turn of the year, navigating a climate of uncertainty, fear and unrest, I believe it is time for each one of us to find our own inner compass. It is time for each of us to look at ways in which we can remain centred and grounded.

I think we are all being invited to delve further inside ourselves: to rekindle our spiritual selves, whether through religious practice or through creating our own practices that promote a sense of groundedness and aliveness. Many of us have lost a sense of ourselves as spiritual beings. This pandemic is forcing us to dig deeper and find ways to nourish and sustain ourselves. We are being guided to engage more with our “otherness” or spiritual side.

As we come towards winter Solstice, Christmas and the darkest time of the year, let’s seek that which brings us joy, satisfaction and connection. Look out for those ways we feel alive and inflow, and are totally absorbed, “out of our minds” and just being! Our more spiritual side comes to the fore when we are having fun – feeling joy, excitement, curiosity or any other emotion that brings us beyond the mundane, “lower-level” feelings, such as anxiety or fear.

Here are some of my suggestions for helping you to cultivate more spiritual and enriching moments:

• Notice when you feel joyful or happy – perhaps it’s running, walking, or being with friends.

• Look out for ways to create ritual – you could light a candle each mealtime, and whoever blows it out gets to make a wish or “prayer”, which is really an intention.

• Make a ritual for you and your family or friends for winter solstice – this could be as simple as gathering in a circle and setting intentions, or writing what you want to let go of and then burning it in a fire.

• Cooking and preparing food, on our own or with others, is spiritual – it can often be fun and light-hearted. Maybe put on some dance music!

• Spend time in nature – nature has remained solid throughout the past year, but we need to find ways to listen in and connect. Time spent in nature can be both nourishing, and a powerful way to get insights into questions you may have about life.

• Find ways to play and lighten up – maybe with your children, or with your own inner playful child!

• Other spiritual practices include meditating, journaling, and expressing gratitude.

• Get creative!

Think about ways you like to bring spirituality into your life – this can be through religious practice or any practise that has meaning for you.