This service helps you overcome emotional issues or blocks, identify your strengths, align more fully with what you want for your life and work, and take your courageous next step. I am a firm believer that if we clear and heal our earlier traumas and hurtful experiences we can then move through our life with more ease and creativity. 

The work is not necessarily long term and often clients move on from therapy and engage in some of the other opportunities in the  School of Conscious Living.

These forums can be seen as follow on from psychotherapy and provide a collaborative, safe, and creative space to help unravel your real heart’s desire, value yourself, and take your dreams seriously!

More and more we are noticing that people are wanting to take back control of their lives and make choices that work better for them and their relationships and feel more truly in line with who they are at heart. It can take time and many of us need support and encouragement to find out what our real heart’s desire is and what are our fears and our limiting beliefs. This is a process and mentoring either 1-1 or a group will facilitate this process. Do get in touch if you’d like to hear more.


Monica is also an experienced and accredited supervisor and provides 1-1 and group supervision. She provides this service in Dublin Business School and also privately online and in person.




These unique online and in-person programmes  provide practical and engaging tools to assist you to gain clarity on your intentions, what you envision for yourself and how to exceed your current horizons. Through 1-1 and group programs we help you towards creating the life and work that best matches your unique talents and strengths


One Day Workshop -Helping you with Your Courageous Next Step
United Arts Club, Fitzwilliam St Dublin 2
- Saturday 14th October 2023 10-4pm

Taking your courageous next step towards a life of freedom and creative expression.

This exciting and supportive one day workshops is designed for those seeking support to move forward in their lives in a more empowered way. We will revisit your aspirations and passions, gain clarity on your intentions and visions, going beyond your current horizons. The support addresses issues that are practical, emotional and psychological  to ensure you create Your own unique plan to bring your ideas and dreams to fruition with renewed confidence.

6 Week Master Class for Creative Entrepreneurs -wait list for next Group starting soon

This is an in-person structured 6 week programme for those seeking the support to incubate and bring to fruition their projects or ideas. Its designed for creatives who know they have more to do and would benefit from an exciting and inspirational supportive space

Are you finding growing your business is isolating and challenging at times? Want to meet other creative and talented people all involved in different initiatives. Then this one is for you.

Get in touch if you would like to join this in person  forum .


Leadership has never been more important as we continue to navigate these uncertain and changing times. We are leaders not only of our own lives and business but also we may lead teams or organisations. As we grow in awareness of ourselves and our relationships we can be more effective in our role as leaders. Being aware of our impact on others can really facilitate people and their organisations to be more engaged and purposeful and to feel valued in their work place. Conscious leadership brings out the best in people and in yourself and can make a huge difference!

Some key characteristics of a conscious leader:

One that is both self aware and also aware of their impact on others – how do people feel about themselves when they are around you

They manage stress well and find ways to self regulate stress for themselves -they know the impact of their stress on others 

 They seek to promote a culture of well being where people feel engaged and happy about their work.

They have a wider vision for their team and recognise the value in listening and providing individual support.

They delegate and are clear about their expectations

Do get in touch if you’d like to engage in leadership training for you and your team. Book a free introductory call today to hear more about how you might be a more effective leader.





A Unique School that will help those who are seeking to experience more satisfaction, connection and already understand there are so many exciting and creative possibilities at this juncture.

As an experienced psychotherapist with over 20 years of practice, my passion lies in working with creative entrepreneurs who feel stuck, aiding them to transform their personal and professional lives. I’m not your typical therapist – I approach every client as a whole person, considering all facets of their lives to quickly identify and address what’s truly holding them back.

Having navigated my own entrepreneurial journey, I understand the unique challenges creative individuals face – self-doubt, imposter syndrome, fear of stepping out of their comfort zone. By combining my mental health expertise with my entrepreneurial insights, I offer a unique blend of support, guiding clients to conquer their fears, break free from limiting beliefs, and confidently take their next brave step.

My commitment extends beyond addressing symptoms; I focus on unlocking my clients’ true potential and catalysing lasting change. Through our work together, clients find renewed clarity, tap into their inherent creativity, and ignite their entrepreneurial drive, empowering them to create the life and business they’ve always dreamed of.

Furthermore, I believe that therapy doesn’t exist in a vacuum – it is intrinsically linked with our broader life experiences and societal contexts. This ethos led me to establish the School of Conscious Living, a platform committed to fostering personal growth, strengthening community ties, and promoting conscious, purposeful living.

If you’re ready to venture beyond your current horizons, dismantle barriers, and bring your dreams to life, I’m here to guide and support your journey. Together, we can unlock your potential, fuel your business growth, and create a positive ripple effect in our communities and beyond. The path to a more fulfilled, empowered life starts here.

This service provides-weekly online interactive webinars which address the issues that arise for creative entrepreneurs as they seek to carve out their unique path in their lives and work. We look at issues such as fear, doubt, imposter syndrome and the  many other issues that can show up in different ways in different people. When we get the support we need its my belief that this is when the real change can happen and we gain some mastery over our lives and the changes we seek to make.

It’s time to have our dreams taken seriously!

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.1.You are feeling stuck, know that you have more to do and you want help in taking your COURAGEOUS NEXT STEP!

2. You have a creative idea that has been dormant for a long time and you would now like to make it happen!

3. You are now ready to take your next step and expand the work you already do- you want to now take you and your dreams seriously and take your business to the next level!

4. You are feeling a little lost or bored –know your life is out of kilter with who you really are and were born to do.

5. You are seeking motivation, community, and INSPIRATION from other forward thinkers who are will support you to live the life you dream of!


Underlying Philosophy of this school…

When listening to our true heart’s desire we will naturally be in alignment with who we really are, our communities and the planet. This new school will help those who are seeking to experience more satisfaction and connection and already understand there are so many exciting and creating
possibilities at this juncture. The School builds on the inspiration behind the 1st Conscious Living and working conference in Dublin in 2019, which was organised by Monica to bring together the agendas of wellbeing, spirituality and business. Since the pandemic, it seems more important than ever that we tap more fully into ourselves, and our own inner knowings and seek to align with our full potential and true heart’s desire. More Information on the Conference is here.

Get in touch today for an Introductory Conversation and hear more about the 1-1 Mentoring Sessions and the GROUP PROGRAMS