"Now is the time to pursue our dreams and live from our hearts desire"

My Creative Entrepreneurial Journey

Passionate change-maker, dedicated psychotherapist, and compassionate truth-seeker – these are the hats I proudly wear in my quest to help others unlock their potential. With over 20 years of experience as a self-employed psychotherapist, I bring a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of human emotion to my practice, providing support to those ready to overcome their limitations and take bold strides towards their true selves.

Fueled by my own entrepreneurial spirit and guided by the belief that we each have a unique role to play in the world, my mission extends beyond the therapy room. I have initiated and been involved in numerous ventures aimed at creating positive change, from founding the Good Food Initiative, which empowered parents to nourish their families’ health, to writing insightful recipe books and a community-oriented local history.

In 2014, I embarked on the Common Purpose Leadership training, later serving as a Learning Group facilitator to help leaders in various sectors tackle workplace challenges. My passion for uniting personal and planetary well-being led to the inception of Dublin’s first Conscious Living and Working Conference in 2019.

The culmination of my professional and personal journey is the School Of Conscious Living – an initiative that embodies my commitment to inspire and guide those who are ready to see beyond their current horizons, create positive change in their lives and workplaces, and embrace the myriad of possibilities that lie ahead.

As we navigate through this evolving societal landscape, I firmly believe in the transformative power of accessing our inner strength, building resilient communities, and living consciously. If you are a creative entrepreneur, feeling stuck, yet yearning for the courage to take your next big step, I am here to support your journey. Let’s create a more aware, empowered, and inclusive society together, because the new world truly starts with us!”


This book outlines what we mean by “creative entrepreneur” and  how it  really encapsulates taking the path towards freedom and creative expression. We take a look at some of the typical characteristics and identify some of the challenges of taking this kind of path and the support that may be of help on the way! Get your copy of the new e-book to hear more about Engaging Your Creative Entrepreneur and taking your courageous next step. There is also some information about ongoing courses and workshops.


The Secret of The Mince Pies -Recipe Book​

Discover the real secret of the mince pies & more in this little gem of a book. A collection of Monica’s beloved late mother Christina Haughey’s recipes. Over 20 delicious recipes that will invoke nostalgia & the desire to get out the wooden spoon & bake! Available to purchase online at SHOP IN

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