karen testimonial
I had the pleasure of working with Monica for 6 months where she guided me from being stuck at a crossroads in my business to connecting with my true path and identity and in doing so helped launch me forward and on to the next pivotal phase I need to be in to grow my business. The sessions were fun yet focused and the support and guidance I got was so beneficial. Monica is a true guide and knows how to pull you out of your own head as she helps you to take the right steps in the right direction. If you have the opportunity to work with Monica in any capacity, don't hesitate, it will be just what you need.
Karen Mc Carthy / Marketing & Business Coach for Service Businesses
Monica is passionate about helping people get into the driving seat of their own lives and create more of the life they desire.No matter where you are on your journey there is always space to learn and grow with Monica. It was seamless and easy and her wealth of experience is reassuring and inspiring. We had a fab day together for this one day workshop under the wisdom and guidance of Monica’s competent facilitation. Her style is relaxed and supportive and I really value this kind of setting where I can express myself without judgement. I feel so inspired and ready for my next steps after this day !
Joanna / The Mindful Nutritionist Cork - Workshop Attendee
Monica has created a unique pathway to guide you back to yourself . I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who feels they are stuck or feel they could be doing more with their talents and gifts.
Dani Jordan / Artist and mum of two young children - Workshop Attendee
Monica has developed a unique blend of coaching, mentoring and psychotherapy which is very effective. Her professionalism has a lightness of touch which is both open-minded and fresh and she has an incredibly positive approach to possibilities of growth. I found that the integrity and authenticity of Monica’s approach provided a holding space that gave me the safety to explore my own approach to my psychotherapy and finding my own path that is authentic and real to me. Monica is highly skilled and innovative in her work and embodies a conscious life which has inspired me in creating real change. Rather than talking about the change – I can now live that change and bring this to both my life and work with clients.
Justine Hajduk / Integrative Psychotherapist and Process Coach Ireland  
"Monica's approach is gentle, holistic, affirming, radical and encourages the client to "dare" to be who they want to be - in their one precious Life. Her approach is utterly transformative and testament to a lifetime's work in the field. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Monica. She created a safe and confidential space to explore deeply rooted cognitive and behavioural complexities and challenges that had become part of me from a very young age. Together we travelled on a journey of discovery, hope, authenticity and ultimately freedom. In our sessions we explored the recurring themes of vulnerability, fragility and shame. This led to a deep understanding of entrenched patterns that gave way to new ways of doing and being. These were integrated into my personal and professional Life with enduring stickability and have allowed me to become the person that I am. I cannot recommend her highly enough. C.N. - Dublin
"Monica has been a great help and support to me during the set up of my business. Meeting regularly she helped me focus on the priorities and encouraged me to look at alternative solutions where barriers were presented. Working with a mentor gave me a place to air my ideas and a platform to vent my frustrations whilst keeping focused on the main prize ... getting started. Thank you!"
"Monica’s experience, positivity and insights really shone through her workshop today. She has the ability to communicate clearly and explain mental health in a way that really made sense and was quite empowering."
"I found my time with Monica to be very beneficial owing to her practical & motivational nature. Monica gave me very helpful guidance on focusing on my priorities for myself with constructive dialogue on positive self-talk. I found her calm & considered approach to working through my concerns to be particularly appropriate to addressing my needs & I would strongly recommend anyone needing support to consult with her on moving forward."
"I always thoroughly enjoyed our supervision sessions and found them to be stimulating and respectful."
"Monica provided a stimulating and supportive environment for me to explore my work. She provided both reflections and challenges in a kind and encouraging way, thereby supporting me to meet my challenges with confidence. Her sense of humour wove itself throughout our work and her outlook is resolutely positive, both of which I always appreciated."
I fortunately came across Monica when I was struggling with a few things in my life. She is very experienced and taught me how to slow down, relax and think before I react which has helped me greatly in many areas of my life. I have also connected back in with myself - something I had lost as a busy parent. Her approach is insightful, kind, non judgmental and I feel like I can tell her anything. She helped me to believe in myself again something that in turn, helped with the scattered thinking and I am now able to know what I want and how to ignore the “for the birds” scenarios that once caused me to ruminate and kept me up at night. I can’t thank Monica enough and I’m sure I will need her again in the future when I find myself challenged again. I feel very privileged to have come upon her and am very grateful for her guidance.