Trends In Society and Opportunities for Psychotherapists Webinar

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Societal Changes & Opportunities for Psychotherapy

This introductory webinar identifies some of the changes in society and looks at how we can maximise the opportunities for our profession.

Psychotherapy is now a well-established profession but as we evolve as a society and grapple with the current crisis and the issues that are present to our clients it’s important for us to keep abreast of the changes and also maximise the opportunities. We are very well placed to not only support our clients in these turbulent times – but to grow and expand our practices.

This workshop is for you if you would like to:

• Grow and widen your practice.
• Adapt your practice to keep abreast of societal changes & challenges
• learn about the opportunities to apply tools and psychotherapeutic understandings to the world of business, work and wider society.
• Be inspired by the increased relevance of psychotherapy

What will you achieve from this?
• Thought-provoking Insights into current trends in society and the world of work.
• A broader perspective on the role of psychotherapy
• Learn some steps you can take to be more innovative in your practice
• Inspiration about the opportunities for us to adapt and be part of a changing world

The style of the workshop will be both informative and interactive and ensure that you will be able to reflect on your own practice and integrate some of the insights that will emerge for you.

Some Feedback from a recent participant on the live webinar version:

I found this webinar very worthwhile. It provided inspiration to think creatively about what a counsellor/psychotherapist has to offer outside of the counselling room.
Monica’s easy-going yet professional manner put the group at ease, and so people felt free to share their views and experiences which added immensely to the learning.
Monica is an excellent group facilitator. A very informative enjoyable webinar. Would highly recommend it.

Joanne Woodlock, Student BSc Counselling/Psychotherapy