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Online Group Supervision for Psychotherapists




New Online group starting October 2023

Many therapists excel at their clinical work but often don’t take the opportunity to attend to the development of their practice as a business and an expression of their own growth and creativity.

This online group is for those who are either:
● Starting out in private practice and wanting to learn how to expand it OR
● For those already well established but perhaps feeling stuck or have a desire to change their way of working or who they may wish to work with.
To provide a forum for a small group of psychotherapists to receive clarity, support and challenge to develop their practices and to think beyond their current horizons.

We will meet monthly, during which time the participants will check in with the group and give an update on their progress. One or two people who would like support will then have the chance to look further at what their issue may be and what may be blocking them from achieving more in their work and practices.


What will you get from this group?1. Fresh perspective and insights on the expanding relevance of psychotherapy
2. Opportunity to develop your business in the way you desire
3. Challenge and support
4. Opportunity to “face-down your demons”/ identify your growing edge
5. Accountability
6. Access to a valuable and supportive network of therapists


Monthly Online for 6 months

Cost 70 euro for each 2-hour session
CPD 2 hours

Dates: TBC


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