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Your Courageous Next Step -Staying Close to the Way You were made

TAKING YOUR COURAGEOUS NEX STEP -Staying close to the way you were made 

To be Courageous is to Stay close to the way we were made” David Whyte

I so love this line of poetry and reminds me why I really  love working with people wanting to live courageously and to follow their own paths in life. “Staying close to the way we were made” really gives me a warm feeling inside as I feel the invitation  to bring more of ourselves to the world, to bring more of our essential and true talented and creative, heart centered selves forward into the world. To be who we were meant to be in the world!  This doesn’t have to be “hard” as It’s not about trying to be something different than we are -but rather unravelling and peeling back the layers to uncover our true natures.

It invites us to embrace our strengths and talents and of course our vulnerabilities and weaknesses too ! Often our systems of education, societal influences and culture can all work against us staying close to our true natures, true essence and the “way we were made”. Many of us have been encouraged to conform, to not speak out, to be the good girl or boy and not “Rock the boat”.

Staying close to the way we were made invites us to seek to be authentic, to be ourselves and to bring our best selves to our lives, our work and our relationships. 

It s my belief as the structures we once knew and believed in continue to erode, there is more opportunity to remember who we really are and seek to be true to this version of ourselves , In fact what other version is really of value to us or anyone else?

Ways we can stay close to the way we were made include for me:

Staying close to our hearts and whats important to us.

Supporting ourselves and families to be true to ourselves and acknowledging we are all different 

Embracing  diversity and recognize that everyone is coming from their own cultural and diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Respecting each others difference !

Accepting  we all have different and unique talents, strengths and interests and wouldn’t the world be dull if we didn’t have this !!

And of course our ongoing one day workshops and groups all offer support to helping with your courageous next step and  aligning more closely with your true nature.

More information of our next one day workshop is here . I’d love to hear from you if you would like to hear more or have any questions or comments


Monica February 2023





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