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Creativity, fear and uncertainty Dec 2022


As we move towards the shortest day of the year again, I am excited about the year turning and using this time to connect with friends and family. Also, to slow down and rest!

Alongside this, I have been thinking about all the uncertainty and fear in the world and the issues around the rising cost of living, uncertainty about the future and the ongoing global issues around homelessness, war, climate change – a seemingly endless list!

But I also see many people ready to really embrace a more positive future and wanting to be creative about their lives, the choices they are making and how they might earn a living.

Much of what we may have previously taken for granted has fallen away – trusted institutions that once formed the foundations of society have been shown to be less than trustworthy, and many of us have had to seek out what truly nourishes us spiritually and find the support we need to navigate this period.

It’s our view that there never has been a better time to tap into our creativity and imaginations to create a more positive future. The collapse of the old is an invitation to create anew.

Creativity moves us away from fear to finding solutions – and this is what we need for ourselves, our families and communities.

In the creative entrepreneur groups I facilitate, we see people wanting to change direction; to line up more fully with who they are, and with their strengths and talents.

Creativity is an amazing and powerful antidote to fear. It gives us a way of taking charge of our lives and believing that we can actually make a difference, for ourselves and for the world around us.

It can be satisfying and fun to engage with our imaginations and get the support we need to move towards what we really want to create and bring to fruition.

So how do we bring more creativity and satisfaction into our lives? Here are some ideas:

• Stay in the present – it can be a very rich experience, especially if we really pay attention!
• Find simple ways to stay grounded and connected – feel the ground, get into nature, do something that you enjoy with your hands.
• Stay connected to people you feel good to be with – people who don’t drain your energy, but rather support you.
• Keep an eye on your energy – notice how you feel when you are in town or busy shopping malls, and how tiring they may be.
• Get creative – whether it be making soup, planting a bulb or calling in on a neighbour who might enjoy your company.
• Watch out for what really makes your heart sing. This is a clue to what we love to do!

Let’s connect in to what’s good in ourselves and each other.

Remember, creativity is an antidote to fear as we are engaging in a positive and empowered aspect of ourselves. We are making and engineering, rather than being passive recipients of what life throws our way.

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