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Owning Our Creativity

Are you Creative?

Today, I was listening to a client speaking about how she didn’t feel creative.
She works as a graphic designer and recently started back at her life-drawing class. I found it strange that she didn’t see that she was creative. It was that it felt like a “step too far” to describe herself as a creative – that if she was to say she was a creative, the thoughts that come up for her might be:

  • What might people say?
  •  How would she be perceived by others?
    What would it mean?

She wondered if she were to embrace the idea of being “creative” she would then need to rebrand herself to look more akin to a “hippy”or hipster – perhaps someone who smokes weed/takes drugs/drinks whiskey. She guessed she would feel constant angst and anxiety about her life and what it’s all about! All to find ways to draw out this artistic aspect of herself. These are very misaligned and perhaps stereotypical view of “Creatives”.

Popular Misconceptions About Creatives:

Hippyish free spirit
Chaotic Mind

These kind of misconceptions can be very dangerous and bring you into a negative mindset about the word “Creative”, not to mention quite judgemental.

Some Truths about Creatives

Can see possibilities
Yearn for expression -writing/art/singing/story telling ….
Think your own thoughts and not swayed by whats “popular”
Benefit from day dreaming/time alone
Can see connections and how things could be

So what about you?

Here is  some food for thought….
What is your perception of being a “Creative”?

Would you love to bring more creativity into your life?

Do you have an inkling or idea of something you could be doing more of?
Do you have spontaneous creative moments – creative downloads popping into your head?
Do you like to cook or bake?
Do you dance or play freely – ever?

There has never been a better time to get creative as our world as once knew changes rapidly. Lets become creators of our collective future and seek to make thing better! One step at a time .


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