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Co-creators of Our Future?

Have you noticed how any news or discussions in the media about our future tends to be negative? There is a prevailing assumption is that we should be fearful of the future, whether because of climate change, another virus, rising inflation, food shortages or the prospect of invasive wars.

There is an assumption that the “right way” to feel about our future is depressed, anxious and worried -how else are we to feel? It seems we are only responsible citizens if are “losing sleep at night” about the state of the world.

Yes, there are difficult changes happening and many have had a really difficult time with Covid and lockdown -especially our young people. And we don’t know what’s happening with the banks, Artificial Intelligence, the war in Russia and of course, climate change and these are only some of the issues that prevail and are of concern.  But there are also huge positive changes happening that don’t get the same widespread attention in the media and in our conversations.

Alongside some worrying trends, there are positive changes and I wonder is it time to challenge this prevailing narrative?

Some of the positive changes that I notice are:

The opportunity to access a variety of information sources and views.

I have noticed that people are more aware of the choices they have around what news sources to listen to and are tuning in to different news and discussions whether through different podcasts, blogs and various news and views. We are recognizing there is so much information and debate online that can broaden our perspective and ensure we stay informed and listen to perspectives other than that of the mainstream narrative.

Building Health

Many people are very invested in personal health and wellness and recognise that they have a part to play in the outcome of their health. No longer do we see ourselves as passive bystanders.

Complementary health practices are prolific alongside conventional medicine! We can use our discernment to ensure we get the best possible support and we will find that no one size fits all!  More and more we are recognizing that we have a role in our health and what we eat, how we exercise and how we think and feel all can play a role in supporting our health. All the different expertise is important, and it’s also important that we filter through all the different viewpoints and assess what fits and feels right for us

Organizing Ourselves

There are many people questioning existing power structures and wanting to create more inclusive and democratic ones. Like-minded groups are forming around so many things, whether it be holistic health, meditation, journaling, or finances. Many people are creating their own ceremonies around the milestones in their lives and seeking to be creators and designers of their lives.

I don’t believe that to be “responsible citizens” we need to be depressed about our future!

Let’s seek to be co-creators together and let’s take charge of our future for ourselves and our communities!

Let’s seek to be part of making things better and accessing our own wisdom and power to be part of creating a better future!

Much of the work I do is about helping people who are wanting to create a better future for themselves and access their own inner wisdom and become co-creators of their lives. Get in touch if you’d like to hear more or check my website at

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