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Creative Entrepreneurs

I recently enjoyed the honour of launching my new website for The School Of Conscious Living. During that time, I noticed that one of the first courses I was preparing for was a six-week program for “Creative Entrepreneurs.” Now, some people have been asking me what I mean by this term and whether they themselves could be considered creative entrepreneurs.

In my experience, many people who may fit under the category of “creative entrepreneur” don’t like the term – or more accurately, they don’t know precisely what it means. Usually, when we think of entrepreneurs, we think of someone like Richard Branson, who has achieved enormous financial success in business.

My understanding and definition of a creative entrepreneur is someone who yearns to utilise their creativity and talents to earn a living.

I love engaging with people who are seeking to embrace new and timely values: values that are not just about being financially successful but are seeking to align themselves more and more deeply with their creativity and passions. These are people who are dedicated to finding their true purpose.

In my own life, I have pursued various ideas and work initiatives. The main principle that has always guided me is whether I would really enjoy doing the work in question and whether I could make a positive contribution by doing it. To be rewarded financially is good, but to really feel something is exciting and worthwhile and aligns us with our heartfelt sense of who we are.

There are now more entrepreneurs than ever: people who are waking up to the idea that we can now choose to do things differently if we like.

So much has changed over the past year – and whilst many people have endured very difficult experiences because of the pandemic, they are also looking toward the future and seeking to make changes in their lives.

My passion is to support people who want to make changes in their lives that are more aligned to who they truly are at heart. Who all wants to find out what feels deeply aligned to our true values: that which makes our hearts sing.

I believe that all of the changes we have experienced are now inviting us to become more fully ourselves: to clear what might be holding us back and to step forward in the direction of a more empowered and creative life. Repeatedly, we have noticed that our elected leaders are not doing a great job – and whilst we may point fingers and get angry about that, let’s also look to how we can lead ourselves and contribute towards making the world a better place.

These are some of the aspects I have observed that, when taken together, help make a creative entrepreneur:

1) Ability to think outside the box – there are so many perspectives on life, and we each have a unique one if we allow it to be!

2) Recognition of the importance of doing what you are good at and what brings you joy.

3) Valuing job satisfaction – what makes you feel good about yourself whilst making a contribution?

4) Knowledge that feeling valued does not come only from the paycheque – money can help, but there are lots of other ways to feel rewarded and valued.

5) A commitment to yourself, your ideas and your passions – you KNOW that there is so much more than you can be engaged in!

6) Ability to see the rules as guidelines only, knowing that it is time to make your OWN rules (within reason, of course – but a helpful rule of thumb!)

7) Desire to bring discipline to your life and take responsibility for your health and wellbeing.

8) Knowledge that if you follow your heart’s desire, you will be wealthy indeed, in all of the ways that are meaningful to you – you will be supported and aligned to your community and to wider society.

If you’d like to hear more about the mentoring services I offer, please do get in touch. I work with creative entrepreneurs both individually and in groups. If you have an idea that I might be able to help you bring to fruition, I’d love to help you tease the idea out a little more and gain clarity on how you can access the support you need. You don’t need to know precisely what your creative idea looks like – I can help you unravel that, as well as take a gentle look at what might be holding you back and how you might align yourself more closely with who you really are!

“It’s only when we have people pursuing their dreams, living their truth and feeling good, that we are able to shift society forward” – Source unknown

Monica Haughey, Feb 2022.

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