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Where can we find Courage ??


I have been reflecting further recently on “courage” and how important it is as the world continues to change rapidly and many of us are seeking to make changes in our lives.

Courage, as you probably know comes from the french word Coeur for heart and describes the quality we need to move out of our comfort zone and listen in to what we really need to do, to navigate our lives and to take our courageous next steps. Courage is about heart felt engagement in life, in our relationships, our work and invites us to be responsive and become co-creators of our future together. It’s what we need when things feel tough and challenging!

Practically, this could be about leaving a job or relationship or just deciding to embark on that new project or idea that has been at the back of your mind and are fearful to look at. It’s about embracing our life and seeking to shape it in a way that feels right and there are lots of people at turning points in their lives at the moment -whether chosen or not! We are of course entering a new era in our evolution and the positive aspects are, as I see it are that we will have less hierarchical and “top down” structures and more of us will be seeking to take our own power and building from the grass roots up individually and collectively.

The work I enjoy in the groups I run, is about supporting people to find their courage and move towards what they are really drawn to do and what is their hearts desire.

We can look at what we really care about, what feels important to us and seek the support we need internally and externally to come from this place inside ourselves.

As the unpredictability and uncertainty continues in the world, it’s a great time to look at what next steps we are being drawn to take.

Last year we sold our family home of almost 20 years and we are now seeking to get something else more suitable for ourselves as our needs change. Most of the time I think, “wasn’t it great we sold when we did, we will be able to get something really nice at the right time and price.”

Other times, I lose my nerve and wonder “what were we thinking” and worry will we ever find anywhere!

It’s so normal to doubt ourselves and feel fearful and in those moments I need to trust and surrender to something beyond me and develop that feeling that “everything happens in its own time” and that we are being looked after -by something beyond ourselves.

So how do we take our courageous next steps?

Keep our mind clear on what it is you really want?

Look at what is holding you back from your courageous next step -fear of failure /fear of success?

What do you NEED to move forward -more support / more direction/more hand holding/

What do we need to let go of?

Look at the qualities you need to invite into your life, qualities of trust, surrender and letting go?

Look at how you might develop these more spiritual qualities whether through a prayer, meditation or yoga practice or being in nature -find out what might work best for you in accessing a deeper support.

If any of this resonates and you are curious about how you might get support with your next step get in touch as I’d love to hear from you


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